idoga 360 Movie

idoga PRO 360°all-around panorama web movie idoga PRO 360°all-around panorama web movie

Pornograffitti Blueimpulse POP DISASTER (Music Video)「Here We Go Now」 MISIA 「SHIAWASE WO DOREVER」 「Misia Candle Night Fes.」 shot at Kawaguchi Lake

idoga Light 360°fixed point panorama picture idoga PRO 360°fixed point panorama picture

Rayal Cent York Wedding party venue The best tea garden in Japan, at Makinohara tableland

Ability of 360°idoga-VR

What we can do with idoga

  • Solution for 360° degrees

    Promotion plan and creative production in general making use of 360° degrees VR(virtual reality), as in the field of entertainment, sightseeing, education and the introduction of facilities.

  • Solution by 360° degrees movie

    Mounting in cars, 360° degrees movie by Electric cars, aerial 360° degrees movie, underwater 360° degrees movie
    - It`s New - Live relay by 360° degrees movie has started!
    The original live relay by idoga is realized, for smart phone users, sports, concert, various kind of events. For details
    please ask any questions

  • Solution by 360° degrees movie production

    360 degrees movie and CG compostion,
    MMD synchronism,
    Synchronism linked with map,
    Anywhere door(warping function),
    Oculus contents/Production of contents by Gear VR contents,
    Color grading/Color collection

  • Solution by 360° degrees transmission

    development of 360° degrees application,
    development of 360° degrees contents platform
    - It`s New - Transmission technology of high density pictures
    "Panorama super engine"  *1,
    picture transparecy/voice recognition  *1,
    360° degrees panorama aerial display  *2,
    360° degrees projection mapping,
    Virtual spectacle, Oculus, Gear VR,HOMiDO, Various type of HMD application

  • 360° degrees advertising solution

    - New - Transmission of 360° degrees movie advertising  *3 *1 Collaboration of NTT advanced technology
    *2 Colloboration of JTB planning network
    *3 Colloboration of local research

Specialty of idoga

Make you feel the presence with 360°panorama movie on the web

  • mooovrig
  • 360°VR Solution

    We can provide 360° degrees panorama movie, editing, application production and transmission with you.

    We have constructed the various kind of know-how through more than four-years of 360° degrees panorama movie business. We can make planning like sales promotion, event, product development making use of 360° degrees VR. We have experienced many needs requiring high quality of creativity as drama making, PV or CM.We have made it possible to produce the highest level of panorama movies through collaboration with various top class of creative teams. We are ready to respond to your requirements by the know-how of idoga with which we are proud to have achieved No.1 introduction of 360° degrees panorama movie.

    What only idoga can

    It is essentially necessary for creative work to have the real time of monitoring capability at the spot of panorama moving where it is difficult to imagine the completion. With regards to expression of image, various kind of direction has become possible, like the combination of 360° degrees panorama movie and 4K high resonance filming, the composition of panorama movie and 360° degrees CG/MMD and aerial filming of 360° degrees. We are capable to provide high quality of the creative surroundings corresponding to the needs; not only to PC/smart phone but also head mount display, to digital signage、to projector and recently to live transmission which is now very popular.

  • Application

    The original application can extend the possibility

    You can watch any direction by just tilting and panning your device because the application is operating together with the movement of the device.
    Also, it’s totally free to customize such as embedding tags.

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  • iPhone
  • idoga SKY
  • idoga SKY

    Aerial shooting + 360 panorama movie

    Our staffs who are expert of Civil Aeronautics Law and have high quality pilot skills can create never seen outlooks on the world.

    Sample Movie »

    ※ This is the sample of the regular movie.

  • Head Mounted Display

    More realistic feeling with a head mounted display

    To take maximum realistic feeling out, our idoga is now compatible with a head mounted display.
    We promise that it will make you feel satisfied and amazed.
    Please check out the demo movie and we welcome corporations to ask us about this product.

    Head Mounted Display

  • Oculus Rift DK2
  • 360° Panorama Scope
  • 360°Panorama Scope

    The paper style 「Virtual glasses」+ smartphone create amazing immersion feeling.

    You can print logos or characters and use it as novelty goods, also as premium goods for events and concert hall, or appendix for magazines and DM.
    You will be able to make full use of virtual glasses for various fields.

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    360° Panorama Scope

    360° Panorama Scope

Customize Freely

13 different interfaces create sense of unity with the movie.

Movie,Picture size
maximum 8000px x 4000px(For Equirectangular)
Operating environment
PC browser which can operate flash ver.10 or higher version
Smartphone iOS 6.0 or higher, Android OS 4.0 or higher
Supported movie playing devices
PC, smartphone, tablet, HMD such as Oculus Rift, Planetarium
Movie input device
Movie: Ladybug5、Ladybug3、connected 6 Gopros、Gopro rig original developing version
Picture: NIKON D5100、NIKON D5300、EPIC Pro(Automatic platform)
Movie control
Keyborad, gyroscope, Motion capture sensor, Map link, information tag indication, Movie control and audio channel control by various parameters

Example of utilization with idoga

Rich contents which have an ability to attract customers, also capable of improving a feeling of satisfaction